Secrets from Glamour Photography

I am going to let you in on a little secret about glamour photography.  The women you see in these magazines don’t really look like that.  In fact if you saw a lot of them walking down the street you might not even realize it was them.  Most are not the perfect example of the human form their photographs show them to be.


They have imperfect skin with blemishes, pock marks, scars and stretch marks.  And yes they even have the bane of so many women, cellulite.  Their chests may be lopsided, their tummies a bit too big, their rear ends not quite the right shape.  Yet in their photographs they look perfect.


This is achieved thru many different techniques.  Some are addressed through photographic make-up.  This is make-up is typically more than a person would wear on a typically evening out.  This make-up is put on to cover problems and enhance features.  But it goes beyond your typical application, as the photographer wants the end result to be flawless.  Techniques such as airbrushing are used which are well beyond what your average women does.


Next comes lighting of the person.  Lights can be used to create or hide curves.  It can be used to fill in line on the face and reduce bags under the eyes.  A favorite light is called the beauty dish.  It is used to fill the face with light and as a result hides so many imperfections.   Shadows can be created to enhance a curve here and there or shadows can be filled with light to reduce the a curve.


Posing is also critical.  A twist here, an odd angle there and viola, her body looks amazing.  Often these are positions that are not comfortable or even one a person would consider in day to day life.  Yet these poses make the best look better and hide those little imperfections that we all seem to have.  Sometimes we just need to get rid of the little extra under the chin, or maybe our rear is a bit flatter than we like.  A skilled photographer will be able to pose you to achieve the look you want.


And lastly the magazines resort to Photoshop to change anything that was not addressed by the above techniques.  Your photographer will use know what will be done in Photoshop before he takes the picture.  Photoshop is a time consuming way to change photographs, so professionals will work on getting the shot as close to perfect in camera first.  Then and only then will they rely on Photoshop to handle what could not be done on set.


The key to getting the photographs you want is to be honest and tell the photographer what you would like to see in your final photographs.  As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what you want and what the photographer thinks are often very different.  I have had many a client want to reduce or enlarge areas that I would have never considered, but since we discussed it prior to the shoot the client got the results that they loved.


Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Phoenix


3 responses to “Secrets from Glamour Photography

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  2. I checked your gallery and really liked your photos. The models looked so natural and not plastic at all. I liked the way how you use light.

    I think most of the things are done with lights, make-up and camera and less with photoshop. Is it so?

    • Correct, most is done in camera with lights and make-up. Photoshop is used to enhance the shots. I know what I will do in photoshop prior to taking the shot. If you don’t get a good image to start off with, photoshop doesn’t really save you.

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