The Rush for Valentines Boudoir

What a week.  Valentines Day is rapidly approaching and I have so many boudoir and glamour sets to edit and print for a wonderful bunch of clients.  The shoots are always fun and always different as each person has their own personality we work to bring through during the shoot.


I had special requests this year for cars, motorcycles, cigars, feet, guns, basketballs, poker, flowers, balloons, candy and groups to name a few.  It was always interesting and sometimes challenging, but always fun.  Making the photographs look sexy without looking trashy is what creates images that are fun to show off.

Cigar Boudoir 

This year I had more clients bring in samples of what they would like to have done.  This always helpful as it lets me get a feeling for their style.   Sometimes they are pages from magazines, but more often it is images they have found on the web.  These sample photographs give ideas where to go with their shoot.  Do they prefer B&W or lots of shadows or maybe some high-key photographs.


I have my own sample book of boudoir and glamour photographs that I have at the shoots to let them look through if they do not bring any samples.  It is interesting as during the shoot as they relax they often ask for some styles that they had not mentioned before.  Digital cameras allow them to see what they are looking like and they realize that I will make them look great in photographs they didn’t think they could do.


I better get back to sorting out the proofs, deleting the blinks and other odd photographs and send them off to the client.


Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Phoenix.


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