Before Baby Boudoir

A request that seems to becoming more frequent is the before baby boudoir photography session.  The desire to preserve the memory of the time before becoming a mom brings many clients into the studio.  This also leads to the wonders of a maternity session 7 to 8 months later to remember this special time.  As it turns out, there is always a time to capture the beauty of a women worth remembering, each one special for it’s own reason.


My clients give a variety of reasons for wanting a before baby boudoir photography session.  Each one unique in their own special way.   In the end it creates a memory for both him and her that will last a lifetime.  Some feel the won’t feel sexy after the baby arrives, other are concerned about body changes that can occur,  and still some just feel that is something that a mom “can’t do,” so they should do it now.


Whatever the reason, every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy at any time in her life.  And that is what boudoir photography is all about, capturing the wonderful beauty that resides in every woman at any time. 


In the end I have had many clients how came in before baby and returned after baby to do it again.  They found that being sexy was not limited by having a baby.   They tell me that doing the sessions before and after baby was the perfect way to celebrate themselves.



Orcatek Boudoir And Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona


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