Bodyscapes for Fine Art Maternity

This week I had one of my most enjoyable shoots, a maternity photography session.  A woman’s pregnancy is such a special time that it really needs to be captured in a way that will create a lasting memory.  I have found that using non-traditional techniques for pregnancy photography gives my clients something different.

Bodyscapes are a style that I find is very effective for capturing maternity photographs.  Traditionally this style is reserved for the fine art nude community, it makes an excellent way to capture the magic of pregnancy.  My favorite technique is to use a rim light to really show off the shape of the belly. 

Baby Belly Bodyscape

I have an elevated table for the mothers-to-be to lie on so they won’t have to face the challenge of getting up from a low bed or mattress or worse,  the floor.  A single step up and they can easily lie down on the padded table or return to standing.

When I mention I would like to shoot some bodyscapes to my clients they often have no idea what I mean.  But once they see some sample photographs they are sold.

 Orcatek Maternity Photography – Phoenix


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