Photography Challenge, Motorcycle on the Beach

This week presented a challenge, off to the beach for to photograph a motorcycle.  Shooting a motorcycle or car at a beach is typically very difficult.  The biggest challenge is the motorcycle will sink into the soft sand of the beach.  On a soft sandy beach I would need bury a layer or two of plywood just below the surface of the beach and then smooth it out after placing the bike.  

Next challenge is timing as the tide will be moving either in or out, and depending on the location this can be a foot or two,  to hundreds of feet if the slope of the beach is very gradual.  One of my favorite beaches the low and high tide lines are tyically 200-300 feet apart.   The smallest tide swings on at the half moon phases.

And of course waves will also present a challenge as they roll in and out.  Salt water is very bad for vehicles, so keeping them dry is a priority.

In this case the beach had a hard area that was not sandy at all in this area.  Being hard and dry the bike could stand on its own.  The area was sheltered enough and the sea was very calm, usually mornings are the best time to find this calmness. 

Motorcycle Photography

In the end, everything came together.  When things were set-up, I liked where the sun was, creating a good shadow, the tide was moving in slowly to position and the sea was calm.  With the addition of some supplemental lighting to fill in and create some sparkle, it came together as I had imagined.

 Orcatek Automotive and Motorcycle Photography – Phoenix


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