Wedding at Sunset

Candice and Daniel’s wedding took place this weekend during sunset.   The couple looked to be very much in love and the sunset made for a beautiful wedding.   Outdoor wedding at sunset do provide some challenges, but they also provide some opportunities to create some amazing photographs.

Having a short ceramony allowed it to complete before it got dark.  With a little flash it was easy to create some great images.

As ususal, formals were shot right after the ceramony.  The sky was looking great.  As the colors got richer though, it gets darker.  Here having good equipment and experience become very important.  Knowing what my camera was capable, I still made sure to verify it was doing what I wanted by checking the LCD information and thumbnails.  As usual, it was almost impossible to see or focus.  Having a flash that emits a focus beam helps alot.

Wedding-Phoenix-AZ-PhotographyAs the night went on I took advantage of the bonfires and decorative lighting to create some fantastic images.  As a photographer, I love it when the environment gives me so many opportunities to create great and unique images for a client.

Congratulations Candice and Daniel!

Orcatek Photography – Phoenix, Arizona


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