Boudoir for Valentines

Valentines Day is approaching and one gift that seems to always be popular is boudoir photography.  Every year an amazing variety of women decide that glamour photographs would make the perfect gift for that someone special in their lives.

Every woman brings her own special style to the session.  As the photographer I consult with them on ideas from lingerie to fantasy outfits.  I work to find their style so each shoot is different.  Some clients like to add fine art nudes to the mix, others bring motorcycles or ever cars into the studio (nice to have space to shoot a car).   Just when I think I’ve seen it all, someone come up with a new request and I love it.

But my shoots are not limited to just shooting at The Studio, my Tempe photography studio.  I do a lot of work on location as in the shot above.   Some clients like to shoot at local resorts and some even have me shoot at their homes.   Each location gives plenty of opportunities to create some sexy boudoir photographs for the perfect Valentines Day gift.

Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona


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