Photography – Get out of the studio rut!

Like most photographers I have my goto techniques for various types of shoots in studio.  For materiniy bellies I will use standard lighting set 2, for boudoir on bed I will use lighting set 4 and so on.  These are my proven set-ups that I know I can count on to give me just what I want.

What happens is it becomes so easy to get stuck in a rut because your mind isn’t pushed to get out of the box you have so conveniently built for it.  It’s a really good box that you spent a lot of time perfecting, but you still need to step outside on occasion.

So what is a photographer to do?   The simplest solution I found is to take my set-up and mirror it.  Move everything to the opposite sides.   Fill to the right instead of left, rotate the bed the other way.  Just turn my set completely around to mess with my mind.

You wouldn’t think it would make much difference, because after all you can just mirror the poses etc.  But at least for me, it breaks me out of the usual and has me see some things different.  Its like working with it for the first time.  Sure I have goto poses in my head, but now I also have something new in front of me that makes me get creative again.

It slows things down enough in the thinking process that I can start to take time and really see.  Sure I still will move from pose A to pose B to pose C (the poses I know work with this client’s look).  But I will now often find poses B1 and B2 to add to the mix.

My creative eye starts to see some new things and I always end up adding one or two new things to my bag of tricks.  So give it a try sometime and turn your world around.  You may just discover something outside that box that you can bring inside for the future.

Orcatek Photography, Phoenix


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