Photographer Tries iPad

Ok, let me be honest and start off by saying I am not a fan of Apple, mainly due to their misleading ads – only on the iPhone really annoys me when I pick up my phone and do everything they just did. Sure it might be using a different app (which is how they avoid the false advertising claim), but the functionality is all there – sometimes even better.

So I was in my local big box electronics retailer and they had a display with several Ipads and Macbooks. So I decided to pick up an iPad and give it a try. I wanted to hate it but I have to say I was very impressed. The coolness factor was way over the top. Within in the first few minutes I started thinking h0w can I find some extra cash to pick one of these up. It seemed awesome.

It was fast, responsive. Easy to use for the most part. A few times I got stumped on how to navigate, but I finally figured it out. The screen looked good. I tried typing with the on screen keyboard and that worked better than I would have thought. My nerd factor was reaching for the charge card.

So I decide to try some real world things. Look at email – cool. Tried view photos – important for a photographer – very good. Then I hit the web and started checking out my favorite photographer’s sites.

Well if you know Apple, you know where this goes – Major Fail. Almost every photographer uses Flash and Apple refused to let Flash run in i-Appleworld. I knew about this, but it became obvious how many sites it hits. So I decided to hit my own commercial photography site which is not flash based.

And what the heck, it wouldn’t work either. So I quickly grabbed a macbook and brought the site up and it worked fine. Back to the iPad, nothing. So it appears the I-version of the browser does not fully support everything. Sure I know some of you are saying it must be bad html, (and probably is buried in there). But since it works on PC’s and Macbooks in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE it is something obscure. In any case, it was disappointing. To be fair the site doesn’t work on my android phone either.

BTW if anyone wants to volunteer, I can provide the source code.

So in the end, I saved my money and didn’t get an iPad. The HP Slate should be out soon and I will give it peak too. In the end though I will probably not get one of those either. As once my brain kicks in it will probably be hard to justify the cost of it either since I already have a netbook that works great since it has a full OS and not a mobile version.

I would love to see an Android based competitor just to give Apple and HP a run for their money.

So my rating of the iPad – Wow factor 15 out of 10. Yeah it is way cool. Annoying features 8/10. Flash and mobile browsers – sorry just want more.

What would I use an iPad for:

  • Email – works good
  • Viewing photos – works good
  • Web – needs work
  • Reading e-books – not me
  • Music – too big, already have an mp3 player
  • Games – too busy
  • Show Off – Ok would be fun for a short time

I’m sure the iPad does other stuff too, after all “there’s an app for that!” as they say. But I have a ton of apps on my phone, and in reality I almost never use them.

So I suggest you go try one and go the sites you use most – if they work, then the Ipad may be a great gadget to own. If not, get a netbook – cheaper and work, even if they aren’t cool.

After you try one, wait a week and think. It may be cool, it may be fun, but does is solve a need and not just a want. Actually good advice for any purchase. And if you do get one, let me play with it again, it is fun to use.


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