Pin-up with Samantha

Shooting pin-up can be fun and challenging.   This week I shot Samantha in a pin-up style, an experienced glamour model.  Her comment after the shoot “Pin-Up is definitely harder than it looks!”   In reality it is not that pin-up is much harder than other modeling styles, it is just different.  Body positions and expressions are different.

Coat Rack Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek

For example, in the is image you see as Samantha bends over her feet are together, in today’s glamour and boudoir look the feet would be apart, often shoulder width apart.  Pin-up expressions tend to be more smile and flirty, whereas now days we see smoldering eyes and parted lips.

Of course the clothes are different, especially when you go retro.  You will see much bigger panties covering most of the butt and higher waisted.   Of course stockings are garters are still popular today, so not everything has changed.

A lot of pin-up was about the accidental exposure, but a lot is was more obvious.   However today boudoir photography  is more assertive.   Showing just what wants to be shown by the woman.

More often props make their way into pin-up.  Telephones, beach balls, cleaning appliances and office equipment are all very common.  Sure today’s boudoir sometimes goes for the naughty secretary or sexy maid, so there are still some similarities.   But as you study the two you will also see how they are treated differently.

Even the lighting is different.  Most classic pin-up did not make use of the shadows we use today to shape and direct our focus.

As a photographer I need to put myself in the pin-up frame of mind.   Once I see her all dressed in that classic style, my mind is ready to go.

Pin-up is fantasy.  I have studied original photographs from which final pin-up art was created by some of the masters of pin-up.   Some people complain about Photoshop creating false images, pin-up artists so often go way beyond to create the perfect fantasy image.  Bodies are reshaped and repositioned, clothes restyled and even props substituted.

When I work with my pin-up clients I discuss this type of modification and how much they would like done to mimic the pin-up of the past.  Each client is different, but the trend is towards the full effect.

Orcatek Pin-up Photography, Phoenix, Arizona


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