Casting Calls

New models frequently ask what we do at our casting calls.   Since most of our work is for print we are not concerned about your “walk”.

We need to know what you look like.  So we ask you to come to the casting with minimal make-up and bring a swimsuit.   Bring your portfolio if you have one.

We will talk briefly with you about the shoot we are casting for and have you fill in an information sheet.   Know your measurements.

Next you will change into your swimsuit and we will take a few photos.  A headshot and a set of body reference shots like these.

model casting reference Orcatek Photography Phoenix

This will give us a reference of how you look.  We might also have you do one or two poses to see how you do.  Then you change out of your swimsuit and we will answer any questions you might have.

The whole process takes 5-10 minutes.   Those few minutes are critical though.

Not only are we seeing if you have the look we need, but also your personality is going to come thru.  We have not selected beautiful models due to how they came across as a person.  And personality has gotten some models the job, even when they weren’t our favorite physically.  Just knowing that someone will be easy and fun to work with is important.  Shoots can be long hard days, and an easy going model will make it much more fun for all involved.

If we invited you to a casting, we saw something we liked.  So be confident, it will be a quick and easy process.  And who knows, you might be just the girl we are hoping to find.

If you are a model and want to get onto our casting call list, just contact us thru the website below.

Casting Models – Orcatek Photography, Phoenix


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