Got the Blues

Whenever I get a free moment I go back over my work and think about the decisions made in creating an image.  This is especially important in my boudoir photography.  Take this photograph for example.

Sexy Blue Initmate Boudoir Photographer Phoenix AZ Pin-up Photography Tempe Arizona Orcatek

Keeping the image simple on a plain background instead of a bed or sofa that I might often use for this.  It changes the mood of the photograph, making in entirely about her and her alone.  There are no clues to set the mood or add a story to the photo.  It just her.

I typically will do this for a short series or for calendars.  It reminds of a lot of classic pin-up where the use of props and environments was often kept very minimal.

Without an environment, it can take a bit more work to create sexy image and still keep it classy.   I sometimes feel the props or sets can be a crutch and it is good to force myself to dig a little deeper to create something.

Boudoir by Orcatek Photography – Phoenix, Arizona


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