Couples in the Boudoir

One of the requests that I get on occasion is to do a couples boudoir session.   These sessions are all about showing the love and intimacy between a couple.    The key is to keep the images very tasteful.  While the couple will pose in various stages of dress, the session should never cross the line.

An intimate, tasteful yet sexy photo of a couple by Phoenix boudoir photographer Orcatek.Obviously from the photographer side of the equation, the challenges have increased.  Lighting and posing two people to show them at their best tends to be a bit more complicated than with a single woman.   Standard lighting now has to deal with the man’s body possibly blocking the light.  The simple solution is to light everything, but without some shadows the mood is lost.  So shadows are carefully managed to hide what you want and set the mood.

Camera angles also become more challenging.  The tricks used to make a woman’s body look amazing need to be adjusted to take into account that there is now a male in the shot as well.  In the end though, making the woman look amazing is still the number one priority.

Posing is one of the tougher options.  Get too involved in posing the couple and the intimacy can be lost.  The emotion will disappear if you direct every move.  I have found that generalized instruction works well.   Such as “Approach from her left side,” is much more effective than “put your lips by her ear, place your hand on her shoulder, now you place your right hand behind his head, tilt your head left ….”   Can you imagine a couple showing any emotion with the second set of instructions.

I will typically give a direction every 3-10 minutes.  Typically to make a major change to the pose such as moving from standing to sitting or facing side by side to spooning.

I don’t get a lot of requests for couples boudoir, but when I do I know the challenges it creates and how to work with them.

Phoenix Boudoir Photographer, Orcatek


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