Why I like Pin-up Photography

I often get asked why I like to shoot pin-up photography.   The most obvious answers it that it’s fun.  But what makes it fun?   Pin-up is a flirty and sexy style that I added to my boudoir photography options after getting a lot of requests.

Whereas boudoir is usually thought of as sultry and sexy, more of a come hither kind of style with a more overt sexuality.  Pin-up is much more about the tease and the flirt and innocence.  If you study pin-up you will see a lot of it focuses on accidental sexuality as one of my favorites Gil Elvgren often created.

Classic pin-up is also very much about fantasy.  The girls tend to have figures that just don’t exist in the real world.  It is fun to look at photographs of models posing for pin-up and seeing how they were transformed in the art.

When I take my photographs and create my pin-up art from them, I too will often move towards the fantasy body to keep the look and feel of the old styles.

Photograph converted to pin-up art by Phoenix Pin-up photographer, Orcatek Photography

So more and more boudoir clients are adding pin-up to their packages and some are choosing pin-up for their entire package.  All I know is that it is a lot of fun to create, and always brings a smile to peoples faces when they do it.  Having my clients say how much fun they had shooting pin-up is what I like.   Everyone is always laughing as they try to create the prefect pin-up face.

I know I will be creating a lot more pin-up photographs in the future.  It’s gonna be fun.

Take a pin-up photography workshop

Phoenix Pin-up Photogapher, Orcatek Photography


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