Pin-up becoming very popular

As I mentioned last week more and more of my boudoir photography clients are requesting classic pin-up images to be added to their shoot or as their entire package.  The past week was a prefect example.   Of my boudoir clients, about 30% asked for a few classic pin-up images to be added to their package.

On top of that 60% of my boudoir clients were entirely classic pin-up this past week.  Now this may be an anomaly, or maybe it is an indicator of an trend.  It just something I will be watching over the next few months.

Pink Love Heart classic pin-up by Orcatek Photography.

It the retro style of pin-up that they are asking to have created.   At first I thought it might be that a lot of the classic art is conservative, but that is not really the case.  Many of the clients still want full nudes, just in with the retro flair.

So what is drawing them to this style of photography.   I think it may be the bright colors and simple backgrounds.   These work perfect in the many pin-up calendars I have created lately.  Just imagine this image in a calendar.

Blue lingerie on an orange backdrop make this pin-up pop by photographer Orcatek

Then again it might be the Photoshop styling to an illustration that attracts them.   In the fantasy world of pin-up, it seems okay to have some fun with the retouching.   Sometimes the client has me really exaggerate the retouching in the pin-up styles.  Much more than I ever am asked to do for standard boudoir photography.

I am curious to hear from other photographers to see if they are seeing this trend.

Phoenix Pin-up and Boudoir Photographer – Orcatek



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