Maternity Shadows

When I have the chance to work with a creative maternity photography client, it the photographer in me a chance to really have some fun.  This past week I had just such a client.  She wanted some of the traditional pregnancy shots, but also wanted me to do some unique shots that she had seen in my portfolio that others do not create.

So after shooting the “standards” I started working thru some of my uniques set-ups.  She was open to whatever my crazy mind came up with and she got some very unique photos.  Towards the end of the shoot she mentioned that she was still very flexible and could still do a back bend at 9 months pregnant.

Bam!  Mind mind jumped at the chance to get a shot like this.  So I shot a few lighting set-ups and liked this one a lot.  I’m a big fan of using shadows to give an other view of something, so I this was just my style.

Back bend done by woman who is 9 months pregnant casts a unique shadow.  Shot by Phoenix maternity photographer, Orcatek

She will be coming back for her infant photo session in a few weeks.   I expect to get some more amazing photographs and very unique poses of the two of them together.



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