Water and Boudoir Photographs

Sometimes as a photographer I want to mix it up a bit.  So when I have a willing person in front of my camera, I like to do some shots that I don’t always get a chance to do.

I find that using water can make for a very sexy photograph.  However this time of year it can be a bit cold, so it is not often that I do these shots.  Jenni was a trooper and was willing to do whatever I thought would create the shot.

Want sexy, just add water to Jenni Lee by boudoir photographer, Orcatek in Phoenix

Bringing light in from the side allows the light to catch the water droplets, making them pop.

The end result was an amazing series of photographs.  Not sure how we will limit it down to the few images needed for the page from this set-up.

I kept the studio very warm and used warm water.   I shot a few frames and let her jump back in the water to warm up and then some more shots.  It takes a bit longer this way, but it was worth it.  In the summer I just turn off the AC and the cool wet clothes feel good, so I typically do these shots then.

If you have the chance, play around with some water.

Boudoir Photography in Phoenix by Orcatek


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