Valentines Day in the Boudoir

Valentines Day is a time for lovers to show one another just how special they are.  Gifts often tend to be very sexy and boudoir photographs are the perfect gift for the occasion.  It is a chance to create a bit of a fantasy world for the two of you to share.

Sexy intimate photos make a great Valentines gift.  This photo by Phoenix boudoir photographer, Orcatek.

Every year a wide variety of woman decide to create that extra sexy gift for the man in their lives.   With this variety comes a desire for a different styles.  So I chat with them about what they would like to create.  This makes each session unique and interesting.  I am always getting requests for unique ideas to fulfill a secret fantasy.

A new trend I have been seeing is men buying boudoir photography sessions for the women in their life.  It is a way that they can tell her they find her sexy and want her to be their fantasy girl.  Every woman who has come in after receiving this gift has told me had special it made them feel.

Shoots take place in my Tempe studio, the clients home or a nice hotel.  Every location has its pros and cons, so during the consultation we decide which will get the desired result.

After the shoot the client reviews the proofs and selects her photos.  They are then retouched by hand to create the perfect fantasy, with as little or as much as the client desires.

I am always get messages about what a great gift this ended up being.  In fact, many clients come back and do it again.

Phoenix boudoir photographer, Orcatek


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