It is in the Eyes

Sometimes you stumble upon something that creates a unique photograph.  The key to finding it is to just listen to what you hear.

The other I was in the dressing room chatting with one of the models while she touched up her make-up when she mentioned that she loved the way her eyes looked in the mirror.  She said she thought the lights looked really cool in her eyes.

I took a looked and it was very interesting, so I grabbed my camera and decided to grab a few shots.

Square catch light outline in Charlie Kristine's eyes by scottsdale photographer, Orcatek

The unique catch lights were created by the four lights which surround the mirrors.  This arrangement creates a box of light around the pupils.   I had to shoot into the mirror to get the shot.

It was something I don’t recall seeing before, but as with most things in photography, it is unlikely that this is the first time this has been done.  Still it was a fun shot to create.

Orcatek Photography, Phoenix, AZ


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