Class up a stripper boudoir set

For a long time I have been requested to add a stripper pole set to my boudoir studio.  I was hesitant for a while because I wanted make sure that my style could be represented in this set.  I want my boudoir images to be sexy and classy, nothing that someone might regret later in life.

So how to keep the concept of a strip club from becoming raunchy was the challenge.  The solution was actually more obvious that I thought.  Just keep the poses classy.  Sometimes you just can’t see the shot until you try it.

So stripper pole set was created.  Use a variant of my musician stage set lighting to create a mood.   Colored gels and grids for control allowed me to get the look.  Then some time in Photoshop to bring the club into the set.   And viola!

Phoenix photographer Orcatek added a sexy stripper pole set to his boudoir studio

Phoenix Boudoir Photographer, Orcatek


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