Mirrors and Boudoir Photography

One of the most fun challenges in boudoir photography is the use of mirrors.  If you follow my blog, you will see that I do use them when available.   Some my find them cliche, but there are reasons why they work.

Using mirrors to show off sexy Abigail in white lingerie by boudoir photographer Orcatek

Clients really like having both a front and rear view in the same photograph.  It never fails as they go thru my idea book that they will ask to create a photo like one of the mirror photos.

There are a few challenges that are created when using mirrors.  The first is creating a pose which is flattering from both the camera side and the reflection.  A lot of standard posing tricks that good boudoir photographers use just don’t work well in this type of photograph.

The next challenge is where to hide everything.  Hiding lights and yourself from the mirror is often the hardest part.  It is usually made even more difficult when the mirrors are in small locations as they frequently are found.

For lights I find that  instead of using my standard softbox, I will turn a wall and/or ceiling into a bounce card to reduce the space required by the light.  The light will still be diffused enough to create the softness I want.

Hiding myself can be a bigger challenge.  So often I will find the perfect angle, only to see myself in the reflection.  I often will distort my self and lean into the shot.  This will reduce the amount of photographer removal I will have to do in Photoshop.

The photo shown here I was able to find an angle where I could lean in and stay out of frame.  If the shot was a few inches wider you would see me in the mirror.  Sometimes the world smiles on you and things just work out.

My clients really like the mirror photos, so I will continue to create them.    Each location has it’s own challenges, but in the end the shots are worth the effort.

Orcatek, Boudoir Photographer in Phoenix


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