Boudoir to fulfill your fantasy

There are so many reasons that women come to me for their boudoir photography.  But the one that tends to be the most fun is the women who come to fulfill a fantasy.  There are so many fantasies that it never ceases to amaze me how creative they can be.

One of the more common fantasies I get is the “Men’s Magazine Fantasy“.  The concept is pretty straight forward.  They have always dreamed of what it would be like to be one of those sexy models you see in a magazine.  To recreate this fantasy I bring the shoot together just like when I actually do the shoots for the magazines.  So every detail is there.

The story often goes something like this–

She was dared by her friends to submit here photos to Playboy so she could be the next playmate.  Of course she doesn’t want to but eventually she sends in a snapshot of her in her bikini at the beach.  She doesn’t think much of it until the phone rings a few months later.

It’s the magazine and they want her to be in it.  They have a photographer in town and would like have her shot the following week.  She can’t believe that she says yes.  Next thing she knows the wardrobe stylist is calling to set up an appointment to prepare the wardrobe.   They go shopping and pick out a number of outfits for her to wear.

A few days later she arrives at the shoot location.  The wardrobe stylist is there, a familiar face.  She meets the photographer for the first time – yikes he is seeing her with no make-up.  They told her to come like that, but she hopes he doesn’t think she can’t do this.  The photographer then introduces her to the make-up artist (MUA).  He takes a look at her and comments to the  MUA that she has great eyes so he really wants to see them pop in the shots.

Next she is given a robe and told to remove all her clothes and underwear and come back.  The stylist explains that they don’t want and lines on her skin from her bra or panties.

While her make-up is starting she can hear the photographer chatting with the wardrobe stylist on what outfit to shoot first.  The photographer and the stylist talk and she can her the stylist telling the photographer how some outfit really makes her rear look great.  They decide to go with that one and the stylist comes over and shows it to the MUA so she can work the look for the outfit.

The photographer smiles and tells her she is looking great and the goes off to check the lights.  She sees lights flashing out of the corner of her eye for awhile.  The photographer then returns to check on her progress.  While the MUA continues her work everyone chats about the typical stuff.  The conversation would range from pets to the news.

After her make-up is done it was time for the hair to be styled.  She took a quick look in the mirror and couldn’t believe how amazing she was looking.  The photographer wanted her hair down for the beginning of the shoot.  He said that later they would do shots with it up.  Probably when she was in the tub.

Her hair is done and it was time to get dressed.  The lingerie outfit they had selected was one she had liked in the store.  She put it on and the stylist adjusted the fit here and there.  Then the photographer came and took a look.  They talked about accessories from heels to rings.  Every detail was planned.  After a few more minutes she is ready for the camera.

The room is simple, just a chair on a wooden floor.  She is told to sit over in the chair.  The photographer explains what he is looking to create in this series.  Which direction to face and how he will tell her to move.  She is so nervous as he lifts the camera and takes the first shot – FLASH!

He looks at the camera and frowns.  Oh no she thinks, he doesn’t like me.  Then I walks over the lights and does something and comes back and FLASH!  He looks again and smiles.  He brings the camera over and shows her the photo.  Wow, she looks amazing.  Just like in the magazines.

He directs her from one boudoir pose to another.  When she doesn’t understand, he shows her.  It’s was funny to see him do those poses.  The stylist and the MUA where always jumping in adjusting things, moving a strap – fixing hair.

Then came the part she most feared, when the photographer told her to remove her bra.  She had had known she would eventually be nude, but it was still a bit strange with everyone right there.  She took it off and everyone just continued doing what they were doing.  A few more poses and it was time to remove her panties too.  This time she didn’t even think about it.

The photographer moved her through more poses.  Even though she was nude, he kept the poses within her comfort level.  Nothing was every trashy or worse.  Everything was so tasteful.  The photographer would often show her the photos we he paused or when she wanted to see a few.

Redhead sitting in her boudoir in this implied nude photo by Orcatek Photography Phoenix Arizona

Her boudoir fantasy shoot

When it was all done she had a book created from the photos.  They were all retouched just like in the magazines.  She lived out her boudoir fantasy and has a memory to keep for a lifetime.

Some of the more unique fantasies I get are always fun to create.  Maybe in the future when I have a client’s permission I will tell you about another one.

Phoenix Boudoir Photographer – Orcatek


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