Implied Nudes?

Implied nudes is a term often used for photos where the person is nude, yet their modesty is protected.  Some feel the proper term is covered nude.

Implied nude sitting in blue

© Orcatek - Implied nude in blue

This pose on blue is a variation on a classic.  You see in done a lot in advertising.  The key to this type of photo is careful placement of hands, arms, legs and props.  This is actually one of the tougher poses to get this tight as many woman cannot bend into this pose.   Jennifer Aniston did a variation with a tie for the cover of GQ.

Jennifer Aniston - Copyright GQ / Condé Nast

What makes this style of image popular with boudoir photography clients is that it allows them to preserve their modesty.  They want to be sexy but don’t want nude photos of themselves out for everyone or anyone to possibly see.

I often hear my clients say, ” I want to be naked, but covered up.”  I like the way you’ve done that on your website.   I tell them that the reason I do this style is because it is not what you show that makes a photo sexy, but what you almost show.  The key is to tease and let his imagination fill in the details.  Once you put it out there for all to see, it loses it’s mystique.

Of course there are plenty of other poses that can be used to create this look.

Pin-up style nude in the Sauna

© Orcatek - Pin-up in the Sauna

This pose is the sauna is classic pin-up style pose.  A simple drape of the arm across the chest is all it takes to bring this photo into the more subtle sexy style of implied nude.

Of course there is one method of covering which I just hate.  That is the classic hand-bra.  I hate it so much I don’t even have a photo.  The hand-bra is where the woman takes her hands and grabs her breasts to conceal them.  Just say no to hand-bras in professional boudoir photography, please.

Elle nude in shower

© Orcatek - Elle in the Shower

This photo is an example of a standing pose.  The easiest way to achieve the standing pose is to bend the leg closer to the camera and then use arms or props to conceal the chest.  In reality what they usually really want concealed is the nipple, so as you can see here, you can still show quite a lot of breast and still meet that desire.

So hopefully I’ve cleared up the term Implied Nudes.  It’s a term that photographers use a lot that the rest of the public often doesn’t understand.

Orcatek Boudoir Photography

I am teaching several boudoir photography workshops where you can learn hands on how to work in this style.

Orcatek Photography Workshops


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