Mock Daylight in the Studio

Sometimes weather makes it too hard to shoot in true daylight.  The bright sun on a summer day has a distinct look which can be simulated in the studio pretty easily.

Daylight in the Studio

Daylight in the Studio

The sun is a small harsh light when it is not obscured by some type of diffusion.  It creates very crisp harsh shadows.   In general not something we usually want as photographers on people.  But there are times when do want that look.

Usually in Phoenix, harsh sunlight isn’t a problem, it’s just too hot to go out and shoot in it this time of year.  So into the climate controlled studio to see what to do.

Solution is simple.  A bare bulb will give the desired look.   Even a small reflector will diffuse the edge of the shadow.  So bare bulb is the way to go.  Put the light where you want the sun and bang.  Mock sunlight.


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