Boudoir in tight spaces

Whenever I get to shoot boudoir on location, I often have no idea what I will be faced with.  Sometimes it is large rooms with more space that I can dream about.  But in many cases I am presented with smaller locations that can be interesting to work within.

Boudoir in tight spaces

Boudoir in a hallway

This shot a hallway was the location of choice.  Sure I could have her stand in the hall, leaning against the wall.  And I did for some of the shots.  But I like to take advantage of the space and show it off.  By bringing her down to the ground, the close walls could be used to create an environment focused entirely upon her.

I like to emphasize the confinement of the spaces to make them a feature as opposed to a limitation.  Small places do create lighting challenges, but most photographers know how to bounce light around to get it where they want it.

Boudoir in the Sauna

Use the whole Sauna

Here I was shooting using a sauna in a home.  So of course it wasn’t that large.  In fact both me and might lights were outside the sauna.  Now if she was lower spread out on a seat, the sauna could have been any size.  But with her standing, reaching to the ceiling it creates a whole new mood, like she is trapped in the corner with nowhere to go.

Yes smaller locations can be a challenge to work in, but they also let you create looks and moods that are unique and interesting.  I’ve gotten to the point where I look for these opportunities when shooting on location.

I’d love to hear from other photographers and see some of their tight space boudoir photos.

Orcatek Boudoir Photography, Phoenix, AZ


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