Fun with Harold

Harold in chains


I always like working with Harold, very easy going and professional.  We were working on some photos for an upcoming calendar and decided to try some shots with a chain.

Whenever I shoot men I like to use a lot of shadow, and this was no different.  The shadows help to define muscles.  This was a very simple one light set.  A small reflector on the light off to camera left and a bounce card to camera right for just enough fill to see the details such as his ear.

I don’t like to use softboxes for this type of shot as the harsh shadows with this type of light tend add the the masculine look.  The spill from the main light also provides just enough light for the background.

I work in a dark studio using the modeling light to see exactly where the light is falling.  It is often just a movement of a 1/4 inch that gets the light to fall how I want it.

I will be teaching an introduction to studio lighting class July 23.



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