Project Facity

Project Facity is a fun project that is a worldwide project where photographers take standard photographs of people.  I’ve been part of it for the Phoenix area for a few months now.

Photographers are required to provide a least one photograph a week.  Each photo must be shot to very controlled methods.  This assures that the photos will be consistent no matter where they are done.

From lighting to cropping to even the lens, everything is specified.   The pose and even the wardrobe is also specified.  In the end you have a consistent look to the photographs, which is the purpose.

This allows the photographs to be taken quite quickly.   The post processing (Photoshop) is all kept to a minimum which assures that people look real.

Now you are just looking at the faces of people from all over the world and seeing that we are all pretty much just people.  The slideshow below shows just a few of the photos I have done so far.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am always looking for new people to shoot, so if you are in the Phoenix area, visit my website and send me a message.

Orcatek Photography, Phoenix.


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