Photoshop World

Well it is just a month away until Photoshop World in Las Vegas.   I’ll be there for sure.

I find this event to be a great place to network and learn new techniques.   Every retoucher has their own way of doing things.  Ask five retouchers to create a result, and they will do it in 5 different ways.

My goals is to always learn two things.  One is how to create a higher quality result.  The other is how to streamline my workflow.   I am sure I will learn things for both.

I find that attending every 2-3 years is perfect for me.  Some go every year, but I find that I get more out of it if I don’t go as often.

Some people complain about the use of Photoshop on photos today.  And yes there is plenty of bad Photoshop to be seen.  But a lot of what is done, is what was done before in the darkroom.  Most people had no idea how much some photos were changed.  Skin polish, wrinkles gone and more.  Now it is just easier to do digitally.

And of course the vendors will be there.  A chance to see products first hand and ask all those questions.  And if you are thinking of buying some, wait until the show, as they almost all have show specials where you can save a lot.

On more than one occasion I have discovered a new product of interest.   Now people who know me, know I am not a fan of relying on lots of plug-ins.  But I do own a select few, mainly to save time.   Which is why I am always excited to see what is new.

And of course plug-ins won’t be the only things vendors will be showing.  Right now you can get an exhibits only pass for free, so don’t miss out.

Hope to see some of you there.  Maybe we’ll run into each other.


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