I have been selected to be Director of Photography for UFOria TV.    So far the rehearsals have been hysterically funny.   Luckily the show is not live, because cast and crew sometimes laugh out loud and we have to re-shoot.  The show should be coming to one of your favorite networks soon.  And if you don’t watch them, they may start watching you.  You didn’t hear it from me.

UFOria TV is the ongoing saga of a paranormal investigation team, woefully inept and socially challenged.  The group is lead by an equally dsyfunctional producer, Linda Wright, who spends a lot of time and money chasing everything from werewolves to witches,  anomalies to aliens and vikings (yes, we said vikings) to vampires.    This is the show that debunks the debunkers,  out paranormals the paranormals and actually makes you wish there was something under your bed.



Don’t look behind you, because they’re really good at hiding.   If everything you see on this show isn’t true, then may Bigfoot never be found.


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