Magazine Scammers

The latest trend in magazines to ask for submissions from photographers, but not pay them.  That’s right, they want photographers to work for free because the exposure will be good for them.   Well using the photographers photos is sure good for the magazine.  Free content – what a great way to make money.  Don’t pay for what you profit from, what if all businesses did this?

Imagine if a restaurant told a farmer give us your crops for free, it will be good exposure.  The farmer would laugh in the owner’s face.  So why don’t photographers?  Because so many don’t even value their own work.  And then they wonder how to make a living as a photographer.  Well guess what?  You’ve done it to yourself.  You have devalued your work and created a trend where what you do is not worth paying for by these companies.

Some will say it’s just my hobby.  I’m doing it for fun so why should I charge?   Suppose some decided to do your job as a hobby and didn’t charge.  Your employer got rid of you because she could get someone to do it for free.  That’s what happening.   Or the I’m not good enough to charge.  If someone wants your photos, you’re good enough to charge.

News outlets are doing he same thing.  Submit your photos of the news.  We’ll even give you credit.  And people flock to send them photos.  So the news outlet has less and less staff photographers and stringers, because they don’t need to pay for photos any more.

Photographers just say no to free photos.

Now I know maybe 3 or 4 photographers in my local area might actually follow thru, But there will sadly be over a thousand that won’t.   And worse yet, some of them are very talented, just giving it all away.  Starving artists.


Latest Trend – Boudoir Video

With every one seeming to be a photographer today, the market is getting very competitive. Those close to trends are seeing video is taking over in most areas and is now moving into boudoir. This is much tougher than photography as you can’t just fix it in Photoshop like so many photographers like to rely upon.

Keys to boudoir video are going to be lighting, camera angles and posing. Even the process of editing video takes a different mindset. We will see how this trend takes off, but we’ve already seen the websites for places like Playboy and Maxim are relying heavily on video. Clients will see this as the next big thing.

Check out the future – boudoir videos.

Is this the next big thing?  It will certainly be something that will become the trend according to the experts.

Holiday Photos

I know you probably hate it when people start talking about shopping for the holidays early.   I know I can’t stand it when I see Christmas stuff before Halloween.  But photography is one of the exceptions.

Great  photographs take time to create, retouch and print.  It is not like a DVD or shirt that you can buy a few days before.  The best photographers book up early so don’t miss your chance by waiting too long.  The photo labs start having backlogs.  Everything takes longer.


So contact your favorite photographer now to get those photos in time for the holidays.





Boudoir on Location

Sometimes it is fun to get outdoors and shoot some boudoir photography.  Of course you need to be careful not to go too crazy and violate any public decency laws.   But great boudoir doesn’t require that type of image anyway.   Here is a recent shot I did on a dry lake bed.  It was only 45 degrees and a cold wind blowing, but she made it work!