Boudoir on Location

Sometimes it is fun to get outdoors and shoot some boudoir photography.  Of course you need to be careful not to go too crazy and violate any public decency laws.   But great boudoir doesn’t require that type of image anyway.   Here is a recent shot I did on a dry lake bed.  It was only 45 degrees and a cold wind blowing, but she made it work!





I have been selected to be Director of Photography for UFOria TV.    So far the rehearsals have been hysterically funny.   Luckily the show is not live, because cast and crew sometimes laugh out loud and we have to re-shoot.  The show should be coming to one of your favorite networks soon.  And if you don’t watch them, they may start watching you.  You didn’t hear it from me.

UFOria TV is the ongoing saga of a paranormal investigation team, woefully inept and socially challenged.  The group is lead by an equally dsyfunctional producer, Linda Wright, who spends a lot of time and money chasing everything from werewolves to witches,  anomalies to aliens and vikings (yes, we said vikings) to vampires.    This is the show that debunks the debunkers,  out paranormals the paranormals and actually makes you wish there was something under your bed.



Don’t look behind you, because they’re really good at hiding.   If everything you see on this show isn’t true, then may Bigfoot never be found.

Dance in the Studio

Photographing a dancer in the studio can be a challenge when you want to show some action.  This type of work requires plenty of room for the safety of the dancer.

Photographer captures dancer's leap in studio

Leaps require room

A leaping shot such as this is best done when the dancer has plenty of room to get the height and proper form.  Depending on your studio floor you may also want to consider having a padded surface for the to land upon.  Typically you will be having them jump over and over, and hard studio floors can be tiring.  I like interlocking padded tiles which are just soft enough to take the jarring out of landing.

Of course there are lots of other styles when creating dance photos in studio.  Another style which I like to work in is the simulated stage view or performance view.   The effect is created by simulating a spotlight.   High ceilings  really help as they allow the placement of the light to really bring this look home.

Ballet dancer in studio

In the Spotlight

And if you are lucky enough to have a really large studio you can create shots with lots of negative space to really highlight the dancer.

Ballerina shows off negative space

Negative Space

Have some fun with your dance photos in studio.

Orcatek Photography, Phoenix

Reality TV and Me

Recently I had the chance to appear on reality TV.  It was a fun experience and everyone I worked with was great.  The show brought the wives to me to shoot a charity calendar in a conservative pin-up style.   As the photographer and you get to see a bit of me at work.  Of course the real show is all about the wives.  I am in the last 15 minutes or so of the show episode 2.

Orcatek Photography – Phoenix

Retouching Pin-up

For me pin-up is all about fantasy.  So when I retouch I take a lot of liberties.  I’ve studied some of the great pin-up artists and seen photos of their models and the final artwork.  This led me to develop my style.

Let's cook sexy pin-up

Let's Cook Pin-up

For example, waists get tucked, rears get rounded, boobs get lifted and reshaped.  But that is just for starters.  I will also often style the hair as needed to create the look.  All this is very simple process in Photoshop.

I think about how I would draw the pin-up as an artist.  Smooth lines and curves are important.  So the edges are all flatten, removing the bumps in the fabric.  Her jeans were made to fit perfectly and the curve to her back was stylized.

Witch Pin-up

Flying Witch Pin-up

Backgrounds are also part of the process.  The colored circles are real popular right now, and I use those frequently, but I also like use other options.  Such as the clouds and moon in this witch pin-up.

For me I find shooting my pin-ups on a solid white background makes it easiest to extract them and place them on the new backgrounds.  In fact all my pin-ups are photographed on white.  I am a fan of Topaz Remask for extractions, but the new tools in CS5 work very well too.

Vintage Vixens Pin-up Phoenix

Vintage Vixens Pin-up Phoenix

The other key factor for me is the reduction of details.  This goes along with the edge smoothing I talked about earlier.  Details such as moles, wrinkles, creases and other fine details are all removed.  All the details I feel I would draw if creating the artwork by hand.  I ask myself if the detail adds anything to the final artwork, if not, it is removed.

This simplification is probably the key to my overall look.   I want that illustrative look to come through and to look less like a photograph.

Pin-up photography is a lot of fun.  I spend much more time on the post production of a photo, but for me it is worth the effort.

Orcatek Pin-up Photography

Orcatek Pin-Up Photography Workshops 

Photography Workshops

Frequently I am asked about various photography workshops that I offer.  The quickest way to keep up on my workshops is by visiting my website:

Orcatek Photography Workshops

This site is dedicated to the workshops I provide.  Here you can see what workshops are coming, request a workshop or register for one.

Workshops vary from beginner classes for those just starting photography to expert workshops for those who want to learn new techniques to enhance their current skill sets.

I am just finalizing my summer schedule along with the fall national tour.  Put your requests in now for a workshop or city you want to see.