1 Hour Photoshoot?

So you come in for you 1 hour photo session and wonder about the cost.

Let’s just look at the time to create your photos for now.

Schedule your photo shoot and follow-up. 15 mintues
Prepare studio for your shoot, check batteries, get memory cards ready, general set-up and take down. 15 minutes
Photoshoot 60 minutes
Prepare proofs for your review 15 minutes
Retouch 3 photos 90 minutes
180 minutes
Send prints to lab and get them back, check quality etc. 15 minutes
Deliver your prints 15 minutes

3.75 – 5.25 hours

Now this doesn’t include any costs, time for marketing, time spent talking with potential clients who do not book.   So it may seem like a lot for that “1 hour” photoshoot, but there is a lot of time involved that you may not consider.

Now add to that the long list of cost for equipment, studio rent, insurance, utilities etc, you will see why photographers have to really love what they do.


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