Dance in the Studio

Photographing a dancer in the studio can be a challenge when you want to show some action.  This type of work requires plenty of room for the safety of the dancer.

Photographer captures dancer's leap in studio

Leaps require room

A leaping shot such as this is best done when the dancer has plenty of room to get the height and proper form.  Depending on your studio floor you may also want to consider having a padded surface for the to land upon.  Typically you will be having them jump over and over, and hard studio floors can be tiring.  I like interlocking padded tiles which are just soft enough to take the jarring out of landing.

Of course there are lots of other styles when creating dance photos in studio.  Another style which I like to work in is the simulated stage view or performance view.   The effect is created by simulating a spotlight.   High ceilings  really help as they allow the placement of the light to really bring this look home.

Ballet dancer in studio

In the Spotlight

And if you are lucky enough to have a really large studio you can create shots with lots of negative space to really highlight the dancer.

Ballerina shows off negative space

Negative Space

Have some fun with your dance photos in studio.

Orcatek Photography, Phoenix


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