Pin-up vs Boudoir Photography

Every once in awhile I get asked what is the difference between my pin-up and boudoir photography.  Some think that it is wardrobe and others think it is props. And many think it is the expression and pose.  Those are all parts and pieces of it, but there are a few more key differences.

My boudoir photographs are designed to beautiful, tasteful and sexy.  The photograph shows the woman inviting you into a private world that she is sharing just with you.  Smoldering eyes and that come hither look are all part of it.  They tend to be more overtly sexy in nature.

White lingerie and mirror in this boudoir photo

Boudoir Style

Whereas in my pin-up style the look is more of a flirt and a story.  There is none of the seduction with the eyes.  More often than not it is a surprised look as the pin-up accidentally shows more than she planned.   When it is not accidental exposure, it is a flirt and smile as if to say look at me everyone, a pose that says “I know everyone will see this.”

Caught on hat rack pin-up

Accidental Pin-up

Witch pin-up by Orcatek in Phoenix

Flirt Pin-up

Now of course not all pin-up art follows this definition, Alberto Vargas is perfect example of a great artist who has another style for pin-up.   Gil Elvgren’s work tends to be more along my thoughts.  Both artists vary across time and both are very different from each other.  To me it is this variety that gives pin-up a lot of its attraction.

Take a pin-up photography workshop

Phoenix Boudoir and Pin-up Photography by Orcatek


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